PROJ. 02

Let’s Socialize


Visual Literacy


Hunter Wimmer


Fall 2015




Web Design


To find an advertisement on the street. To keep the primary objective of the sign and revamp it in order to communicate with the audience more effectively. This project includes a website, brochure and a series of three posters. 


The Social Study is a bar located in Japan town, San Francisco. The original objective of this sign was two-fold. One was to attract people interested in happy hours filled with beer or wine, while the other purpose was to encourage socializing with others while listening to music, eating snacks, and enjoying the free wifi. Since vintage style has become more popular, I decided to use “vintage” as my keyword to create the branding system. I used multiple retro type-face in the poster and brochure to showcase the old vintage theme to the customers. 

Collecting sign from the street

In the beginning, we have to collect hand-drawn, poorly designed, computer-generated or not created by a designer signs on the street.

The signs below are some of the signs that I collected. But in the end,
I choose this "the social study" sign to be this project to redesign 

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